Back To School-DIY!

i love this one

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Hey guys! Today, in the back-to-school spirit,  I wanted to show ya’ll some really pretty back-to-school notebooks that I definatly think you should try.

If you guys remember last year, my back-to-school diy note books (link here https://marielle01blog.wordpress.com/2015/09/06/bts-crafty-craze/ ), these are similar, but in my opinion, much better! Here are the steps to these lacey notebooks.

1.Gather the supplies


The supplies you’ll need will be a notebook, spray paint (colors of your choice), lace, tape, and newspapers or something that you can spray onto.

2. Spray paint the cover and let it dry.

DSCN1382  DSCN1380

Take your notebook and stick newspaper in between the cover and the rest of the pages. That way your pages won’t get paint on them. As shown, I also stuck tape on the side of my notebook down the black binding/edge. That way, when all the spray paint is on and dried, you can just take the tape…

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